What is Google My Business and Why You Need a Commercial Address?

When starting up a new business, you might want to make everything look professional. You want people to believe that the business is worth their attention. To make a business appears more professional, you need to start from the as basic elements as an address for your Private Offices. Besides getting the commercial address, you will also need to put the business into Google My Business or GMB to reach a broader audience. Here is a short explanation of Google My Business feature and commercial address.

About Google My Business and why it matters

Google My Business or GMB is a free tool from Google which allows you to manage how the business will appear on the Maps and Search. It is a great platform to focus on the early efforts if you just starting the business. Any information related to your business will appear on Google My Business listing including business name, hours, address, customer reviews, photos, and such a thing. The platform even allows you to learn how and where the people are searching for the business.

This platform will be very useful if you conduct the business locally and target the people close to your area. This is because people who search for service or product near them will likely to visit the closest area first. The fact is 3 out 4 shoppers are likely to find information online when looking for a business and 7 out 10 are likely to use a search engine before making a purchase. By listing your business in the search engine, it will be easy to reach the interested customer and get in touch with them. Here are some ways how Google My Business helps your business.

  • Sharing useful and latest information for the customer such as directions, photos, opening hours, address, and so on. This information helps you tell to the customer how special your business is.
  • Engage with the customer. The GMB allows the customer to leave comments and photos as feedback as well as a recommendation for the next customers. You can also give your response to them.
  • Learn how customers find your business. GMB gives you the information and data on how the customers find and interact with the listing. You can track the searching numbers, request for direction, incoming phone calls, and so on.

About commercial address and why you need it

To be able to use the Google My Business properly, you will need a commercial address for the business. A commercial address is a specific address which is used to designate the principal place of the business. It is a real physical street address which can be used for any purpose of the business. The commercial address is required for various purposes such as an opening merchant or bank account, registering a business domain name, receiving statements, payments, invoices, bills, filing legal contracts, permits, licenses, and many more.

The commercial address surely gives the professional vibe to your business. It shows to the customer that the business has high credibility and trust. Moreover, the address will also protect the personal and private information that shows up on the internet or another public database.

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