HR Consulting


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Human Resource Consultant or sometimes called Human Resource Consulting is a professional service given to address human resource management. Human resource consulting help businesses to form a policy and procedure to resolve any employees’ problem and to increase company profit. The aim of HR consulting is to help the employees to receive an understanding of their duty and responsibility as well as motivate them to improve their productivity. In most cases, a company hires Human resource consultant to handle any human resources need like recruitment, investigation as well as restructuring.HR consultant usually work independently or join a consulting firm.

HR consultant-what they do?

HR consultant should have a good knowledge of accounting, IT, finance, marketing, sales as well as their specialization of Human resource management.  HR consultant has deep insight into the inefficiency of human resources and how to solve them. HR consultants receive an education in both generalist and specialist. HR Consultant posses a good knowledge of organizational management, labor laws, equal opportunity employment and so on.

HR consultant who market themselves as generalist usually attracts small businesses who need a basic human resource service like hiring, recruiting, benefit, training performance management and so on. Other HR consultant may opt to market themselves as a Specialist. This usually attracts larger size businesses that need some strategic service they need.


HR Duty and Responsibilities

  • Provide professional advice to the administration and the management related to human resources procedure and policies.
  • Provide an internal consultation, assessing a company’s current Human resource program and provide recommendation and solution
  • Evaluating, analyzing, revising as well as the implementation of Human resource procedure and policies.
  • Ensuring Human Resource Program and service complies with state or federal regulation and laws.
  • Prepare and maintain report of Human resource specific program
  • Perform an audit to Human Resource activities
  • Conducting training session that related to human resource programs.


Desired Competency for HR Consultants

In the modern world, the HR consultant is highly in demand. However, to become a professional HR Consultant, you have to possess’ a certain number of competency such as:

  • Self-confidence
  • Theoretical as well as practical knowledge
  • Have the ability to explain concept and ideas is an easy and simple manner
  • Have the ability to improvise
  • Has excellent listening skills
  • The last is trustworthy


HR Consultant Core Field

All HR consultant work based on the following field

  • Employment engagement. Measuring employee’s engagement level with interviews and surveys.
  • Compensation. Developing and managing employee’s compensation program like basic salary, employees’ bonuses and so on.
  • Employees benefit. HR consultant assess the effectiveness and competitiveness of the benefit plan available such as health-related benefit and so on
  • Retirement and Actuarial. Managing and provide administration service for employees retirement programs
  • Merger and acquisition. Provide human capital due diligent. Facilitating smooth transition of employees related to human resources issues like payroll, human technology and so on
  • Talent mobility.
  • Legal counseling, investment counseling as well as the implementation of a new human resources technology to improve human capital management.