Self-flying vehicles in the near future?

You probably have watched “Back to the Future” movie where you can see many flying vehicles in the future. It seems that the dream will come true and this new self-flying vehicle will be released so in the near future. In fact, many people do not believe that this technology even exists because they only see it in movies.

Can really innovators create self-flying vehicles? When you think about having a flying car by 2030, it may not be possible because the concept is not created yet. It seems that you need to wait for a longer time of above 20 years to see this future vehicle. Everybody waits for this new technology, but we have no idea if the innovators can really manufacture these self-flying vehicles.

Somehow, there are still many things to do in order to make this future technology come true. This will be dangerous if this new invention is not equipped with good technology because this car is about to fly above the city life. There are some factors that they have to consider such as battery use and efficiency, satellite communication, artificial intelligence, and much more.

Currently, some automakers are still working on the autonomous car’s project. Meanwhile, some of the other innovators start to work on autonomous aircraft. The prototype of the self-flying vehicle is still on progress, but we may need to wait until it is ready to release in the near future. The near future means that it may not be released in this decades, but it may be released after 2050.

Creating a self-flying car is not as easy as creating an aircraft, but the technology may not be different from the conventional aircraft. Nowadays, the current flying vehicle is still in the form of drones. Currently, drones are used in many areas such as in the military, hobby, camera recording, and much more. Some companies even start to use drones for package delivery. Organic landscaping companies use drones to fly over large nurseries and gardens.

Big companies like Google, Uber, Airbus, and Boeing are trying to bring new innovation to the future with the flying car innovation and airborne vehicles. Some other enterprises like Lockheed Martin Corp along with Northrop Grumman Corp are investing self-driving VTOLs, vertical takeoff vehicles, and electric flying vehicles. Meanwhile, Harris Corp and Raytheon Co expand their business in air traffic control technology.

Finally, if you ask whether you will see a self-flying vehicle in the near futures, there is always a possibility, but we have to wait for a longer time. A self-flying car will not be available for sale by 2030. Perhaps, you need to wait for 30 to 50 years. There are so many things to be done before a flying vehicle can be purchased by the public.

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